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Training during Pregnancy

Concerned about training during pregnancy?

If you trained regularly before you conceive and have no underlying medical conditions, there is no reason why you cannot continue to train throughout your pregnancy.

Continuing to train with weights during pregnancy keeps you strong and fit which will ultimately help you have a healthy pregnancy and can even help with your delivery and recovery.

Alongside a specific nutrition and supplement protocol modifications can be made to your usual training programme and continually adjusted to suit you. It is possible to have a happy, healthy pregnancy and still get your gym fix!

Beth trained throughout her pregnancy.

Beth trained throughout her pregnancy.


Now I am nearing the end of my pregnancy journey, I’d like to say a big thank you to Craig for guiding me through my training and nutrition, which I believe, has enabled me to (within reason) retain control of my body during the past 9 months.

From the decision of my husband and I to start a family, I took advice from Craig regarding the correct supplementation, plus a nutritional and training protocol that I believe has aided towards the healthy pregnancy that I have had.

During my pregnancy I’ve continued to train throughout, which I really didn’t expect to do. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and hope it will mean I can bounce back after our little boy is born.

At all of my antenatal appointments it has been remarked at how healthy, fit and well I’ve continued to remain during pregnancy. I also feel that the holistic approach provided by Craig has resulted in a predominantly issue free pregnancy whilst the baby has developed.

Moving towards the next chapter, I’m looking forward to working with Craig to steadily get myself back to my normal pre-pregnancy body. I’ve just got to make sure I remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint – as he continues to remind me” Beth Rose. May 2016

 Congratulations to Beth and Dave on the safe arrival of their baby son earlier this week!

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