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The Key to Being Lean.

Want to be lean and healthy? Get Insulin Sensitive.

Insulin sensitivity is the key to unlocking your wellbeing goals.


What is insulin sensitivity?

‘Insulin sensitive’ is what we want to be. It explains the relationship between how much insulin needs to be produced in order to deposit a certain amount of glucose from the foods we eat.

You are insulin sensitive if you only need a small amount of insulin to be secreted to deposit a certain amount of glucose from dietary carbohydrates.  

What are the symptoms of Insulin Sensitivity?

  • Able to stay lean on a high carb/ high calorie diet
  • Feel good and energised after a high carb meal rather than sluggish or tired
  • Generally have good energy levels when adequately fed
  • Generally able to build muscle well when the right training and nutrients are supplied

What is Insulin Resistance?


This is what we want to AVOID.

Insulin resistance occurs when a lot of insulin needs to be secreted to deposit the same amount of glucose into cells from dietary carbohydrate. 

Insulin Resistance Insulin Sensitive
Goal  🙁 🙂
Outcome More likely to gain fat Helps keep you lean and healthy
Symptoms Include Cannot lose weight, often tired, increased central fat gain. Can tolerate higher carb diets, good energy levels.


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Why is Insulin Resistance bad?

Insulin is a ‘storage hormone’. The more of it you secret the more fat you are likely to store.

So why are so many of us insulin resistant?

 The most common causes of insulin resistance are:

    • Eating a high carbohydrate diet 
    • Stress 
    • Poor sleep
    • Medication
    • Micronutrient deficiency 
    • Lack of exercise     



What are the symptoms of insulin resistance?


    • High fasting blood glucose 
    • Inability to lose weight 
    • Inability to build muscle 
    • Cravings for carbohydrates 
    • Often unsatisfied after meals
    • Constant tiredness 
    • Increase back fat 
    • Muffin tops 
    • Belly fat. 



How do I get and stay insulin sensitive? 


  • Adopt a high protein/ low – moderate carb/ moderate fat diet. Stick with protein and fat only for breakfast, avoid combining carbs and fats in a meal and only eat real food and this should fall into place.


  • Train with weights. No exercise can improve insulin sensitivity quicker than an effective weights programme! Make sure you learn to train effectively though.


  • Be smart with Supplements.  Magnesium Glycinate, Alpha Lipoic acid (ALA), Cinnamon, Chromium, Fish Oil and Berberine all will help improve insulin sensitivity.


  • Sleep 8 + hours a night. One nights sleep deprivation can make you as insulin resistant as a diabetic for up to 48 hours!


  • Use stress reduction techniques. Yoga, meditation, NLP, practice gratitude and spend time with people who make you happy! 


How long will it take to reverse my position?

Stick with it! – it takes one month of training and eating well to correct every year you’ve been insulin resistant. Put simply if you’ve been overweight and presenting with symptoms of insulin resistance for 10 years then you need to work hard for 10 months to reverse it”. 



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