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Sleep Questionnaire

To find out whether sub optimal sleep is hindering your body transformation efforts, answer this sleep questionnaire:

  1. Do you have trouble falling to sleep?
  2. Do you go to bed later than 11pm?
  3. Do you regularly wake up more than once in the night?
  4. Do you wake up with an alarm or find it difficult to wake up?
  5. Do you get up earlier than 6am?
  6. Do you wake up feeling tired?
  7. Do you sleep less the 8-9 hours?
  8. Do you sleep in a room with light or noise?

If you answered yes to 2 or more of the questions on your sleeping habits you need to look at improving your sleep. This is what I suggest:

Increase tryptophan containing foods in the evening.

These include cottage cheese, turkey, duck and salmon, alternatively supplement with tryptophan powder. Tryptophan builds serotonin, this neurotransmitter improves mood and stops carb cravings, at night serotonin is converted to melatonin, (the sleep hormone), this will calm the nervous system and guide you into a restful sleep.

Consume energy giving proteins in the morning.

Yang proteins, these include red meat , nuts, eggs and broad beans! Yang proteins are mood enhancing, they increase adrenaline and noradrenaline, meaning that they will induce morning alertness and help fight fatigue. Giving the body energy and making you feel alert first thing will help reset your circadian rhythm and make you nicely relaxed and sleepy in the evening, ready for bed.

Use yin supplements in the evening.

These include magnesium, ashwaghanda, inositol and taurine, these supplements calm the nervous system, reduce stress and anxiety and will promote a good night’s sleep.

Lights out!

Switch all lights off in the bedroom (including stand by lights on the tv). Start dimming the lights an hour before you go to bed. Light at night can block melatonin (sleep hormone) production and disrupt sleep. The room you sleep in needs to be pitch black so turn everything off at bedtime and consider black out curtains. For more information on how sleep or other lifestyle factors can hinder fat loss efforts or to book a free consultation contact me.

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