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Why your shape should dictate your diet.

By 9 November , 2014Diet, Fat Loss, Uncategorized

Ever wondered why you gain fat easily but your friend does not?

Next time you go to your local supermarket take a good look at the people around you, it soon becomes obvious that there are distinct differences in the way people look, I am referring of course to body shape and size.

Are the overweight and obese people really over-eating that much?! Are all the petite females and slight men eating clean every day and exercising 5 times a week?! No way! Not all of them anyway, in fact if you compared the diets of a size 20 female to a size 8 female, 80% of the time you would not tell them apart.

The cruel fact is that some people genetically tolerate a high carb or even high calorie diet and some people definitely do not. Does this mean that all overweight people are doomed because of their genetics and might as well accept that they will be fat forever? Absolutely not! It is a simple case of readjusting their diet to suit their needs, you just need to find out what those needs are.

In this country we are taught from an early age that a ‘high complex carbohydrate, low fat diet’ is the best way to keep us healthy and maintain a healthy body composition, but this is definitely not working for everyone. So how do you know what diet will suit you?  It can be trial and error but my cheat sheet explains more about eating for your body type.

Three basic somatotypes (body types) are identified but often people are a combination of more than one. See where you fit in and mould your diet accordingly. This is one of many strategies I use when correcting the nutrition of a new client.


Description – naturally lean, struggles to put on weight whether its muscle or fat, thin arms and legs, can be described as ‘skinny’.

Ideal diet – Frequent meals, between 5 – 8 meals a day. Potentially insulin sensitive usually thrives on a high carb and high calorie diet and doesn’t put on fat even when they overindulge.

Thrives on: lots of complex carbohydrates, medium protein, medium fat.


Description – naturally strong/ muscular, broad shoulders, classic ‘V’ shape (especially males). No tendency to store fat, usually builds muscle easily, often fast and powerful (think 100m sprinter)

Ideal diet – Also usually insulin sensitive, extra calories will favour muscle growth/ storage before body fat is accumulated but too much overindulging will lead to fat storage.

Thrives on: a medium carb, high protein, medium fat diet.

Endomorph – (Common amongst people seeking personal training)

Description – stores fat easily (when eating the wrong diet), has a tendency to store fat around the middle/ waist, but not always. Tendency towards insulin resistance and can often be obese and overweight when following the ‘ideal’ western diet. The simple truth is that these people just do not tolerate a high carb, low fat diet!

Ideal diet – Low or lower carbohydrate, medium to high protein, medium to high fat. This person needs to flip the western diet on its head, reduce their carbohydrate intake from cereals, fruit and confectionary and switch it to healthy fats instead, such as coconut oil, meat, oily fish and avocado. Also frequent meals are not required, 3 – 4 meals a day is more than adequate.

Making these important changes will usually result in rapid fat loss, more energy and improved mood! I know this because I’ve seen it happen enough times with my own clients!

Sample diet plan

Salmon fillet with rocket or Steak and eggs

Turkey or sea bass (cooked in coconut oil) with a large salad and nuts or ½ avocado

Evening meal
Lamb or cod fillet with mixed green vegetables and sweet potato

After evening meal
25g 85% dark chocolate

For more information on body types and building muscle read here.

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