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This is my diet of choice and is best for all round physique and performance. Here is an example of a diet plan for someone who works out 4 days a week and wants to build muscle and lose body fat at the same time.

Rest days

  • Sunday, Wednesday, Friday
  • High protein,
  • Medium to high fat,
  • Low carb (below 40g)
  • Low starchy vegetables (avoiding root veg), salad veg – tomatoes, peppers etc

On rest days carb intake would be kept low, this will allow for optimal fat loss and ensure the person remains ‘insulin sensitive’. In my opinion insulin sensitivity is the key to getting and staying lean. I also believe protein should be kept high every day as the general western diet is very low in protein. Fat intake can be higher on rest days as well.

Training Days

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
  • High protein,
  • Low to medium fat,
  • Medium to high carb (150 – 400g)
  • Throughout the day –  sweet potato, brown or wild rice, gluten free oats, quinoa, berries
  • Post workout – vitargo, maltodextrin, med/ high GI fruit eg banana, mango, grapes, raisins, pineapple

On training days there is a higher demand for carbohydrates. The carb intake on this day should be highest around workout time. This should aid in recovery and create an anabolic/ muscle building effect. How much a person has will depend on the individuals tolerance to carbohydrates, the general rule is the lower the body fat, the higher the individual can go with carbs on these days.

I think the modified carbohydrate diet works best for sustainable, achievable fat loss. It is easy to live by and is quite fun to do. The beauty is that the diet can be tailored towards the individual, taking into account their goals and also their lifestyle and insulin sensitivity.