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Maximising lean muscle growth: Stretch to gain

Stretch to gain! Stretch the fascia and connective tissue of lagging muscle groups during your workout to maximise muscle gain. The basic premise of stretch-aided hypertrophy is to stretch the fascia,(net like tissue that surrounds the muscle), thus increasing the volume of the muscle and allowing your body to import the various nutrients required, as well as to start building structural components, to increase the size of the muscles.

Start by training a muscle until its warm and full of blood, so after about 9 – 12 sets, at this point gently stretch the muscle to the point of comfort for 15 seconds then relax, immediately stretch it past the point of comfort for 45 seconds this can be effectively achieved using an external load, (weight), or a partner’s assistance, follow this up by contracting the muscle fully for a further 45 seconds to drive as much blood into the muscle as possible.

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