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Getting over a plateau!

Most people will hit a plateau at some point on their fat loss journey. Knowing what to do at these times will determine success or failure. Here are some strategies you should consider when fat loss starts to slow down:


  • Cleanse yourself. Our bodies can easily become inflamed and overrun with toxins that can slow the thyroid and prevent further fat loss. A properly designed ‘cleanse’ will help reduce inflammation, detox the body and heal the gut. Doing a week long cleanse by eating only cruciferous vegetables and drinking a specially designed cleanse drink is my favourite way to get someone through a plateau and it’s very successful.


  • Have a cheat meal. Often when dieting people can drop their calories or carb intake for too long and sometimes we need a shake up. Having a good cheat meal or re-feed day approximately every 9 days will boost metabolism and kick start the thyroid again. This also helps with the mental fatigue of a strict diet and can be something to look forward to if your will is fading.


  • Do a fasted morning cardio workout. Make sure the body has a time when it can really burn fat by starting the day with 30 minutes steady-state fasted cardio; it’s a great way to burn fat. Jog, bike, row or do a light kettle bell circuit for 30 mins before breakfast and then do a more intense weights workout mid to late afternoon for an optimal fat burning effect.


  • Consult a Biosignature or FDN practitioner. This will identify if there are any hormone imbalances that may be limiting or slowing down your fat loss. Issues with hormones such oestrogen, cortisol and insulin can stop you burning fat no matter how much you exercise or restrict your diet. Restructuring certain lifestyle factors and using a targeted supplemental protocol can correct these imbalances. I am a qualified practitioner in both of these fields and have helped plenty of people break through fat loss plateaus.

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