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Building Muscle: Endomorphs

Endomorph, because an Endomorph has a tendency to store fat easily, dietary carbohydrate intake wants to be controlled. Unfortunately this individual will NEVER thrive on a high carbohydrate diet. This is usually because they are more insulin resistant. Carbohydrate intake needs to be structured in at the right time of the day here.

For these clients I recommend ‘carb back loading’. This involves eating low carbs all day until after a workout. Immediately after a workout Endomorphs need medium to high GI carbs such as bananas, raisins, white rice or white potato with whey protein. In their post-workout meal they should then have a large serving of low to medium GI carbs such as sweet potato, oats, brown rice, mixed beans or quinoa.

On non-workout days it’s back to lower carb meals consisting of mainly meat or fish with vegetables/ nuts or fresh berries. I recommend to clients that fit in this category to have about 2g of carbs per kg of bodyweight (bw) and sometimes even less. They should stick to 3g of protein per kg of bw and go a little higher with quality fat intake, aiming for about 1.5g per kg of bw a day.

Dietary fat should come mainly from nuts, olives/extra virgin olive oil, oily fish, coconut oil and quality unprocessed meat. It’s not important for this individual to eat many times a day as the extra insulin will not do them any favours. 3 – 5 meals a day is fine. Training should be geared towards promoting an insulin sensitive state. Attention should be paid towards maximum workout density (doing as much work as possible in a given time). This means short rest periods and high volume per muscle group. Reps should sit between 8 and 15 per set.

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