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Building Muscle: Mixed type

This ‘average build’ means that we aim for somewhere in between type 1 and type 2 recommendations.

To build muscle low to medium GI carbs should be consumed evenly throughout the day. These include oats, apples, pears, sweet potato and mixed beans. Aim for 4 – 5g of carbs per kg of bodyweight (bw) a day. If body fat increases, decrease carbohydrate intake slightly. High GI carbs (vitargo powder) should be consumed post-workout with whey protein powder. This causes a big surge in insulin that will drive amino acids into the muscle and promote growth and faster recovery.

Protein intake recommendation is the same with all 3 types – 3g of protein per kg of bw. Without protein we can’t build muscle so we need protein to be consumed with every meal. Aim to eat between 4 and 7 meals a day.

Good fats must be consumed to promote effective growth and recovery. Aim for 1g of fat per kg of bw. Omega 3 fatty acids found in oily fish will actually promote glucose and amino acid uptake in the muscle and therefore encourage muscle growth and not fat gain. Train hard, aim to increase natural growth hormone and testosterone levels. These important hormones increase protein synthesis and therefore are highly anabolic meaning they cause muscle growth. This is best achieved by varying your rep ranges. One-day train with high reps (15 -30) with low rest (30 secs – 1 minute) and the next day try lower reps, (6 – 12) with heavier weights and moderate rest (2 minutes) between sets.

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