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Bikini ready legs: Eliminate xenoestrogen exposure

Xenoestrogens are a group of either naturally occurring or artificially created compounds that mimic the hormone oestrogen. Xenoestrogens can cause endocrine disruption and can potentially promote fat storage on the upper leg area. We are exposed to these chemicals constantly on a daily basis, in order to lose stubborn leg fat we must limit our exposure to these chemicals. These include HRT, the contraceptive pill, soy products, most plastics (heating plastics is the worst), parabens and stearalkonium chloride in creams, cleansing products and other cosmetics. For a list of what cosmetic and cleaning products to avoid and for better alternatives visit

To limit exposure:

  • Avoid any hormone replacement therapy
  • Avoid using the contraceptive pill
  • Irradicate soy products from your diet
  • Avoid all plastic bottles and containers
  • Do not heat plastic
  • Drink out of stainless steel or glass bottles
  • Use BPA free containers for food
  • Choose natural, paraben free cosmetic brands
  • Consider a fibre protocol to draw excess hormones out of the gut.

(preservatives made with minerals or grapefruit seed extract).

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