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Are your Hormones Hampering your Fat Loss Efforts?

Eat less and exercise more? Doesn’t work for everyone!

Fat loss is rarely as simple as eat less and exercise more, otherwise this simple strategy would work for everyone. The human body is far more complex than we often give it credit for. This article looks at how important hormones are when trying to unlock your fat burning potential.

Not Just for women.

The state of your endocrine system will always dictate how easy or how challenging it will be for you to get lean and in shape. Immediately when we talk about hormones people often think of the female menstrual cycle and the oestrogen/ progesterone balance. Although these hormones do play a significant role in fat loss we also need to consider the big players:

  • Insulin
  • Cortisol
  • Testosterone
  • Thyroid hormone.

These hormones effect men as much as they do women and therefore men face the same challenges when wanting to get lean, fit and healthy.


Identify and Correct

Almost everyone has hormonal barriers and the key to becoming lean and fit is to identify these. Once identified we can optimise and balance them to your advantage, this process is key to unlocking your optimal physique.

Signs and Symptoms of unbalanced hormone levels

There are many signs and symptoms of suboptimal or unbalanced hormonal levels. For each hormone in an unbalanced state, I have shown what the symptoms may be.

Symptom Insulin Oestrogen Cortisol Thyroid Testosterone
Low energy  •
Inability to lose weight •    •   •
Apple Shape    •   
Sugar hypo / hypers    
Fat around middle    
Fat stored on bum / thighs    
Heavy / Irregular Periods      
Cellulite more likely  •      
Problems coping with Stress    •    
Tired or Wired      •  •  
Problems sleeping    •    
Can cause Insulin resistance      •    
Low mood      •
Anxiety      •
Difficulty building muscle    •
Low libido    •
Tendency to feel the cold  
Dry skin  •   
Stunted eyebrow growth        


Without intervention these hormonal issues will only get worse, the good news is that with the right diet, training and necessary lifestyle modifications these can all be fixed and you can get the physique you’ve always wanted!

A full consultation with me will include a non invasive analysis of your hormones and start the process of correcting any imbalances.
I have a variety of packages available and more details can be seen here.

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