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10 Step Guide to Reducing your Middle!

Reducing the size of your belly can have so many positive effects on your life. These range from psychological to medical. But what can you do and why? This and linking articles should help you understand the importance of stress, nutrition and hormones.

Identify what stressors may apply to you. These may be psychological or physiological.

Eat Real Foods – this is probably the most important change, in a nutshell, cut out all grains, dairy and processed foods from of your diet. You main dietary choices should be meat, fish, eggs, nuts, fresh berries and low starchy vegetables. Dietary strategies are usually best personalized to the individual but eating paleo is a great start!


Don’t miss meals. Eat 4 – 7 small meals a day to stop the rise in Cortisol.

Heal the gut and reduce inflammation. Eradicate all food intolerances and take a high quality fish oil  (omega 3)  and 30g of L Glutamine powder a day in divided doses. Optimal gut health & inflammation control is paramount to losing belly fat.

Sleep at least 8 hours a night in a pitch black room, for more information on sleep strategies, go to my article.

Use yoga, breathing techniques or meditation to combat psychological stress.

Restore natural cortisol rhythm. Cortisol should be high in the morning, to wake us up and give us energy and then should taper off throughout the day. Have caffeine only in the morning, eat yang (energy giving) proteins for breakfast, red meat, eggs and nuts are all good choices and eat yin (cooling) proteins in the evening meal such as turkey or cottage cheese. Stop working completely 2 hours before bed and do something restful in the evening. To find out if you have symptoms related to a Cortisol imbalance read here.


Support your over worked Adrenal glands with a multi nutrient adrenal support formula such as Nutri Adrenal extra (only take these in the morning), this will help increase morning energy and give the Adrenal glands a rest.

Consider the herb Rhodiola Rosea – this is an adaptogenic herb that reduces stress and anxiety and increases energy levels at the same time, only take this morning and early afternoon to avoid increasing evening energy levels.


STEP 10.
Take a break – stop working and worrying for at least 2 days a week. Turn your phone off, put your laptops and tablets etc away and just spend time with family and friends. Take a break from intense exercise 1 week every 2 months.

Want to know more about Hormones and HOW they prevent FAT LOSS? See my easy to read table by clicking the image below.


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