CBPT Transformation – Sam Robinson

This is what Sam achieved.

  • Muscle mass increase – 15lb
  • Body fat lost – 16lbs
  • Body fat reduced from 16.3% to 7.5%

“As a pro-golfer strength and conditioning are vital to Sam. His restructured nutrition and improved training left him leaner, stronger and healthier.”

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I came to see Craig after having a back operation, I needed help to get back into my training as I was very nervous about hurting my back again, his knowledge and professional approach really made me feel at ease. Craig has helped me build muscle, loose stubborn belly fat, increase my strength, improved my gut health through nutritional healing, all of the above have increased my golf performance considerably. I really do feel a lot stronger on the golf course, training with Craig has also helped me make changes in my golf swing that I have been unable to do because of certain weaknesses in my body. It has been hard work and the diet changes were difficult to start with but seeing the results each week make it all worthwhile. I really can’t speak highly enough of Craig and thanks to him I am looking forward to a really great year.

Sam Robinson

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