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CBPT Transformation – Nick

This is what Nick achieved in just  12 weeks.

I went to Craig after an operation last November. After my operation I used the period where I couldn’t train to eat and drink far too much and didn’t realise how much weight I’d actually gained until I saw a photo of myself!! I’d completely lost my motivation. I set myself a challenge and entered a triathlon for late April. I went to Craig for a diet plan to help towards this goal, however; as we all know Covid-19 reared it’s ugly head so the triathlon was rightly cancelled. By this point I was already a month in to working with Craig and had noticed unbelievable results after such a short space of time so it made complete sense to stay with him for the full 12 weeks to see what changes could be accomplished. Throughout the whole 12 weeks, Craig has offered endless support, professional guidance and a sensible head against some of my more silly questions! The changes he has made throughout the 12 weeks and at every checkpoint have changed my body that bit more. I think for me the biggest change has been the mentality throughout these 12 weeks, I’m hitting PB’s every time I run and cycle and my swimming prior to lock down was flying. If someone would have said to me at the start of this journey I’d have lost 13.3kg, (nearly 30lbs), and going from approximately 27.4% body fat to 12.3% whilst gaining lean mass I’d have laughed!! I can honestly say that this has changed my body, mentality and training forever more. I’m now looking forward to entering triathlons next year with Craig as my coach and seeing how far I can push myself!

For an update on Nick’s progress, click here.

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