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The DUTCH test

By 12 April , 2019Hormones

Introducing the DUTCH test (dried urine test for comprehensive hormones)

In my opinion this test is the gold standard for hormonal testing, not only is it highly accurate, it’s simple, non-invasive and doesn’t require a blood draw. ⁣

Where the DUTCH test really excels is in it’s ability to not only accurately test hormones but also the metabolites of these hormones, this information is vital when trying to identify the causes of symptoms and gives us a more complete picture when looking to improve the health and well-being of our clients. ⁣

Who may benefit from this test? ⁣

Females with :

– Menstrual dysregulation⁣

Males or females with:

– Low libido⁣
– Acne⁣
– Inability to lose weight⁣
– Inability to build muscle⁣
– Low mood⁣
– Low energy/ fatigue⁣
– Irritability/ anxiety⁣

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