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By 11 February , 2018March 4th, 2018Fat Loss Seminar, FDN

Are you a personal trainer looking to build your skill set? This Seminar could help you retain and grow your client base.

The day will cover macro’s, their importance, how to use them effectively as well as how to help your clients overcome those frustrating plateaus. I will provide detailed information on supplements, which ones to use and which ones to avoid!

I have a successful and loyal client base developed over years because they achieve and sustain their results. You can now benefit from my own investments and learn what you need to grow your business.


What we will cover:

  • The real causes of fat storage and how to explain it to clients
  • Common myths about breakfast and dietary fat that simply aren’t true
  • How to get quick results and how to sustain them
  • What foods to eliminate from a client’s diet straight away and why
  • How to set a start point with individual macronutrient ratios and timing for every client for fat loss
  • Effective strategies to overcome plateaus in results so that you never lose a client
  • Supplements for fat loss, what’s worth taking and why
  • Sample diet plans
  • And loads more


What my clients have achieved:



craig barton pt nutritional seminar


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