CBPT Transformation – Emma Richardson

This is what Emma achieved in just 8 weeks.

  • Body fat lost – 18.5lbs
  • Body fat reduced from 25.1% to 15.1%

“Emma has always worked hard and continues to do so, sustaining her results years after we started to train together.”

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I cannot express how grateful I am to Craig. I suffer with a condition called CIDP, a neurological disorder characterized by progressive weakness and impaired sensory function in the arms and legs, it is an autoimmune disease which effects overall function of the body. Through Craig’s extensive knowledge and passion to improve people’s health and lives he has dedicated so much time and effort into improving my overall health, and standard of living, to which I will be eternally grateful. Nobody even really knows anymore that I suffer with this serious condition; even my doctors have said I am the healthiest ‘ill’ person they know. Craig has helped me understand my body, what it needs and how it functions and I now lead 90% of a normal life.

Working closely with Craig I have recently got my health and training to a good standard and wanted to take my training to a different level, and told Craig I wanted to see just what I could achieve in 8 weeks, he took into consideration my health issues and put a plan together which I followed to the letter. It has been the hardest but most enjoyable 8 weeks of my life and I cannot believe what I have been able to achieve, now I just want to continue to take it further and can’t wait for the next 8 week challenge.

Craig really is a true inspiration and without his support, encouragement and advice I really don’t know where I’d be (probably spending a lot more time in the doctors surgery and in hospital). I would (and do) recommend Craig to anyone, my life really would be a lot different without his input and dedication.

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