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CBPT Transformation – Richard

This is what Richard has achieved.

Superb Online Body Transformation
Like many of my clients Richard achieved these outstanding results whilst still maintaining a busy social life.
He’s a great guy to work with and I look forward to round 2 😁
Well done!
‘’During the last lockdown I thought I’d make the most of not being able to visit the pub and eat out so I decided to make a concerted effort to reach my fitness goals. I started in January using my home gym equipment and whilst I made progress I decided in April to call in the professionals! I’d seen Craig’s posts on IG and was impressed by the transformations he was able to make so I contacted him and setup a consultation. Craig really knows what he’s doing and sorted out my diet and tailored a work out routine using my home gym equipment. The progress I started to make was amazing and if ever there was a plateau (or I needed a bit of a kick up the behind) Craig was there to tweak and motivate. I don’t live near Craig so apart from a monthly visit all of our interactions were online. I can’t recommend Craig highly enough. His depth of knowledge on fitness and nutrition is seriously impressive but it’s also his good humour, warm nature and positive attitude that helped me to reach my fitness goals.’’
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