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CBPT Transformation – Jane

This is what Jane has achieved.

Jane’s Transformation
‘’I was introduced to Craig just over a year ago by my partner who has undergone his own transformation under Craig’s expertise.
I wasn’t particularly overweight or unhealthy but felt I would like to transform my look with some muscle building, as well as lose some fat. Craig has coached me through 2 lockdowns with both training and nutrition. He is incredibly motivational and I am now in the best shape I have ever been and the photo shoot is evidence of that.
This has inspired me to continue my bodybuilding journey and hopefully compete one day in the future. Craig is easy to work with and is consistently inspiring and motivating. Thank you Craig for starting this journey with me’’
Jane has been amazing to work with, an absolute superstar!
She’s extremely focused and driven and because of that she’s achieved outstanding results! Well done @janedowdney
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