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Harriet Jackson before and after training with Craig Barton
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“Craig’s knowledge, enthusiasm and flawless techniques make him the most incredible personal trainer. He transformed my eating and exercise and I’ve never looked back. Even though I first saw Craig 4 years ago I still see him when I can because every time I do I learn something new. I would recommend him to anybody”

James Peterson

Craig really is a true inspiration and without his support, encouragement and advice I really don’t know where I’d be. I would (and do) recommend Craig to anyone, my life really would be a lot different without his input and dedication.

Emma Richardson

Been coming to Craig for training and diet for nearly a year and I have learned so much from him! I have changed my lifestyle for the better and lost 8% body fat! He said he would get me to my goal for my wedding and he did! Thank you so much Craig highly recommended

Rachel Robinson

Been dieting with Craig for 12 weeks now and making serious results. Looking forward to the rest! Would definitely recommend

Ryan Jason Bainbridge

Craig is the best fitness instructor I ever had. Amazing, very clever, wise, helpful and positive. Total joy and total healthy fitness!

Gil La