There are many things that make Craig Barton a great Personal Trainer. Here are three key reasons for me:

1. He is very credible. When my husband trained with Craig, he changed his shape within months, changed his eating habits and felt great. Because of this, I knew that I could depend on Craig to do the same for me. Having worked with Craig for a year I can see that he has
managed this with countless people who continue to rely on Craig for focus and new ideas.

2. He is very positive. Whenever I train with Craig he is full of energy and encouragement. I always come away feeling energized, full of smiles and with a sense of achievement. I know that I have the power to continue to change my body shape.

3. He is so dedicated. He has solutions and options for anything and everything. There is no problem he can’t tackle. He knows pretty much all there is to know about the physiology of the human body and supplements all his training with nutritional advice. So, after a year, I can say that I feel fitter, leaner and stronger. Just what he promised. I also feel very confident and happy with myself which is such a bonus.

Helen Lloyd