• Body Transformation in your 50’s!

    Body Transformation in your 50’s!

    What is possible?

    Darren Miller came to see me 5 months ago with a clear goal in mind, lose body fat and increase lean muscle. He was not sure what would be possible at age the of 52. 

    Darren is the perfect example of what can be achieved by following, to the letter, a bespoke nutrition plan alongside a tailored training programme.

    darren miller craig barton body transformation


    In 5 months Darren has cut his body fat from 22% to 10.4%.


    Darren miller cbpt


    Darren worked hard at changing his mindset with food, trained even harder and lost just under 30lbs of fat and gained 10.5lbs of muscle at the age of 53.


    darren miller cbpt
    Darren’s goals moving forward are to continue increasing lean muscle and to bring his body fat down into single figures. Well done Darren, great work.