• Watch: Why you Crave Sugar

    Sugar cravings can be the downfall of the most committed person trying to improve their body composition. Understanding WHY you crave sugar and HOW you can deal with these cravings more effectively is key to unlocking your fat burning potential.          

  • Supplements for Fat Loss – Video

    Starting out on a fat loss journey is a scary thing for many people. My aim is to take the fear out of the situation and replace it with logic and an approach that, if followed, yields results. To be successful in your fat loss journey you need to consider the correct nutrition, training and

  • Body Transformation in your 50’s!

    Body Transformation in your 50’s!

    What is possible? Darren Miller came to see me 5 months ago with a clear goal in mind, lose body fat and increase lean muscle. He was not sure what would be possible at age the of 52.  Darren is the perfect example of what can be achieved by following, to the letter, a bespoke